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Blogging for small business. Why it’s critical.

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If you’re a small business owner, chances are your resources are stretched pretty thin. You already wear many hats – from operations to marketing, so how are you to add blog writer to the mix. It might not be easy, but it is definitely worth taking some time to develop a blog for your website. Here’s why…

1. Thought leadership and trusted resource

Business is so much easier to “win”when customers come to you. But, how can you let these potential customers know that not only do you exist, but you know what you’re doing when it comes to your field?

The answer: Tell, teach and give. Blogs are perfect for this. Did you know that 61% of global Internet users research products online before making a purchase? That means the more information you have online about who you are, what you do, and why you are the right solution the more likely you are to generate more business.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Your search engine ranking matters! The big players (Google, Bing, etc.) are always working to provide the most useful information to their users. And while their algorithms for how they rank websites are moving targets, one thing is for sure, they look at relevancy. From their point of view, a website that has not changed in years is going to appear less relevant than one that is constantly adding new content.

Of course a blog is a fantastic way to do this. When done correctly, you will be adding helpful information about your business services to your website complete with keywords, relevant links and maybe even comments and social interaction.


3. SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Remember how we said the search engines are constantly changing their algorithms? Well, back in September 2013 Google released their Hummingbird Algorithm, which focuses more on social networking and less on link-building strategies, which had been so popular in the past.

Again, the search engines are looking for relevance. So, if you have a blog post that performs well on social media and is shared on Facebook, re-tweeted on Twitter, and +1’d on Google+ they will see this as a cue that the audience appreciates this content and will rank it accordingly.

4. Deepen customer engagement

When you blog you are opening up a conversation with your customers and potential customers. Not only are you sharing your knowledge, you are hopefully helping your customers learn from you. This deepens your relationship with them and shows them that you care about them and not just making a buck on the business.

If you want to increase the relationship further, you can turn on comments on your blog and really start having a conversation. Customers love to be heard and your blog is a great platform to open up the dialogue.

5. Drive traffic to website

In the end, when we commit time to working on a new aspect of our business, we want to see a return on investment. Blogging can help with this by driving new people back to your website. If you create a great blog post that is shared on social media, the new readers that like what you have to say may go to your blog to read more.

The more information they consume and enjoy, the more likely they are to venture to the other pages on your website. This can lead to sales you never expected from customers who feel loyal to you even before they buy.

Don’t be fooled. A blog will not be an overnight success. It can take you time to find your voice, get comfortable with writing, and discover your groove, but once you do the process will be worth it. It can also take time for your audience to find your blog so be patient. Give it a try and remember to always have the customer’s needs in mind. That is one little secret that will help your blog be a success and help your business grow.

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